HÖUM Circulator Series C8

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HÖUM Circulator Series C8 

Easy to clean with a detachable grill and net, the HÖUM® C8 has a timer up to 8 hours with 5 speed settings. It’s also equipped with a 3D stereoscopic rotation with 360° oscillation.

The HÖUM® C8 packs a punch with its powerful aerodynamic turbo design, made for maximum airflow. This bigger brother of the adorably sized HÖUM® C6 retains their shared modern aesthetics that can fit any space easily, and the full LED display is compatible with a remote controller for convenient control of the fan. What stands out on the HÖUM® C8 is that this round pal can oscillate fully at 360° and cover more space than the little brother, HÖUM® C6, could ever reach.

Model : C8

Rated Vo;tage : 22--240V

Rated Frequency : 50Hz

Noise(Max) : ≤ 55dB

Output Air Volume 18mᶟ/ min

Energy Efficiency Ration :  0.4W / W

Dimensions : 250 X 255 X355 mm

Unit Weight : 2.0KG ( including remote control )

Executive Standard : IEC

Energy Efficiency Grade : 3